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Montana Schmidt is a local cosmetologist in Danville, IL at Kevin and Co For Hair. Montana joined the hair industry in 2010. To this day she strives to be the best that she can be and constantly learning from other stylists around the world. She continuisly travels to classes, including "Behind The Chair" One Night Stand in Chicago, IL and "How to Turn Them Platinum" taught by the platinum king himself Daniel Tetreault, to keep up to date with modern trends. Montana has now been certified through "The Business of Balayage" as a master of vivid colors and is featured on their website for such. Montana has also been published in Elegant magazine twice and in Cosmoprof Beauty Supply's catalog as well. Her efforts have paid off being recognized as one of "Modern Salon" magazine's top 100 stylists of 2019. It is a huge honor. She has been interviewed and featured on their website as well as their August 2019  printed issue. Modern Salon has also written 6 articles about Montana's color transformations. Montana has also been named one of "Beauty Launchpad" magazine's top 30 colorists under 30 years old and featured on their website and published in their October 2019 printed issue. In August of 2020 she landed her first publishing with Behind the Chair and has now been published twice. She is a sponsored #glossgetter artist through Oligopro and a brand ambassador for Shark Fin Shears which she uses daily on her clients. She started educating in 2020 with 3 color classes through Oligopro and 2 color/cutting classes through Shark Fin Shears with over 4300 stylists and cosmetology students tuning in. This year she will also be working hair shows with Amika as well as starting her in person education.

Montana can be best described by her clients as a very blunt and strong willed person. These combinations can make clients hesitant to try her out, but they are what makes her clients appreciate her the most. She strives to make her clients the "best and beautiful you" and pushes the importance of how your hair is an investment. She is very honest when it comes to looks you could be going for that she knows won't go well with you. Anyone can look into a catalog and see something beautiful and want it. It might look amazing but will it look amazing on you? Does it go with your complexion? Does it go with your bone structure? She also argues the integrity and health of your hair. If your hair isn't healthy it doesn't matter what color and cut you have. Montana does both cut and color because she likes to create it all. She wants you to look and feel your best at all times. Like she tells every client of hers, "If your hair looks bad, I look bad!".