Learn how to

"Paint like schmidt"

Ultimate pops of contrast for dark bases wanting vivid ribbons.


Weeping Willow       

Getting that perfect lived in blonde creating maximum brightness with dimension near the roots.


Ultimate Lifting

Utilizing strictly painting with zero foiling while avoiding bands and lines of demarcation.


Paint Like Schmidt

My go to placement for blonding brunettes while maintaining depth for a low maintenance look.


Lifting Dark Bases

Creating that perfect platinum on ALL levels while maintaining the integrity of their hair.


White Out

Full payment is due upon request. No credits/refunds/transfers will be issued. All fee's are non refundable. I am not responsible for flight delays/cancellations/no shows due to sickness or medical emergencies.

You must be licensed or in school to attend any of my classes. International licensed stylist may also attend.

If you have contacted me about hosting a class or inquiring for a class in an area near you that you saw listed please allow me 2-3 business days for a response. Most emails are checked on Monday-Friday.

So far all classes are demo only until my courses grow. Due to this I will limit the class to a maximum of 10 stylists.

I will not have anyone assisting me during the class since I do not have an assistant when I am behind the chair. This way all classes will be more accurate to my basic every day schedule.

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